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Data Backup

Data Backups

Are your digital photos sitting on a single hard drive with no backup? Your financial records? Even at home, there is critical data you wouldn't want to lose when a hard drive fails or a virus (or wayward child) deletes your files.

On-Site Computer Repair can help you figure out a convenient and effective way to protect your data by making redundant copies of it either on other computers or on offline media such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or tape.

In many cases automated processes can be created that require very little attention or maintenance.

On-Site Computer Repair' Data Backups services:

1. Data Backup Solutions

2. Multi-PC Data Backups

3. Data Transfer

4. Data Recovery

Data Backup Solutions

In today's world, it takes more than an occasional file copy to floppy disk to handle your backup needs. Floppy disks just don't cut it for backing up your data. On-Site Computer Repair can assess your backup needs based on the types of files you create, and put together a solution that fits.

Multi-PC Data Backups

You can introduce a lot of additional data protection simply by copying data between multiple computers on the same network. This process can be automated, so that computers "synchronize" with each other periodically. On-Site Computer Repair can set this up for you as part of a comprehensive scheme for protecting your systems against loss of valuable/irreplaceable data such as financial records, family digital photos, etc.

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